Tejinder Singh Bedi

A PhD from the University of Maryland, former Director/VC from the LNM Institute of Information Technology at Jaipur & last posted at IIT, Kanpur, Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi joined PEC on a loan as its Director in Jan 2019.

Although, it looks just like a yesterday that…

Back to back tributes mark Jagjit Singh’s tenth anniversary

Tejinder Singh Bedi

It has been ten years since the Ghazal legend Jagjit Singh left this world. And he left not just a void but a big crater, in the world of music though still continuing to live in the hearts…

Azadiyan Kahan Woh Mere Apne Ghaunsle Ki, Apni Khushi Se Ana, Apni Khushi Se Jana

Tejinder Singh Bedi

Azadiyan Kahan Woh Mere Apne Ghaunsle Ki, Apni Khushi Se Ana, Apni Khushi Se Jana(Where is the freedom of my own nest?, When we could come and go at our own…

A lifetime at work — absence of which drains me more than its presence

Tejinder Singh Bedi

My work has been a key pillar of my identity. I am at the threshold of the seventh decade of my life and yet so much in love with my work that I…

Death — Be Not Proud, You are just as Universal as any of HIS other creations!

Tejinder Singh Bedi

We are all born to die, after we have completed a life cycle we are packed into. Birth or Rebirth may not be a reality but death surely is. …

An exciting journey of life within an ever expanding COSMIC space

Tejinder Singh Bedi

We all live in space. In-fact all creation has to. Beginning with the space gifted within our mothers’ wombs until ending with the end of our present life cycles. My space-walk dates back to 1953, the…

A Clear Case for Bharat Ratna for the Angels for the Dead in COVID Turmoil

  • Tejinder Singh Bedi

Founder of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal, an NGO based out of Delhi that besides helping the differently disabled children and adults, the elderly, aged members of society has primarily been…

Retired Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Doctors & Professional Singers join together to deliver a feast of Mukesh Numbers

Tejinder Singh Bedi

There was no stage, no physical audience. No TV channel nor any OTT mode but the passionate driving force of a close knit group of music lovers set up by the…

PEC Alum & Project Consultant for Navjeevan joins hands in this initiative and appeals to all kind- hearted fellow citizens to support the push

Post his retirement from a Global MNC as Head-HR, Administration & CSR in 2018, an alum from Chandigarh’s prestigious Punjab Engineering College; *Tejinder Singh Bedi has…

Felix Docs D K & Rashmi Gupta honoured by IMA — Noida. Dr Aditi Sethi from Dr Bhutani Clinic joins hands with Felix for free camp

Celebrating Doctors’ day in Noida, the city chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has honoured the doctor owner couple , Dr Rashmi &…

Tejinder Singh Bedi

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)

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