A Clear Case for Bharat Ratna for the Angels for the Dead Lead by J S Shunty in COVID Turmoil

A Clear Case for Bharat Ratna for the Angels for the Dead in COVID Turmoil

  • Tejinder Singh Bedi
Picture — Courtesy Sardar Jatinder Singh Shunty

Founder of the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal, an NGO based out of Delhi that besides helping the differently disabled children and adults, the elderly, aged members of society has primarily been helping in respectful cremation of unclaimed bodies including immersion of their ashes as per strict religious rituals governing such deceased, well known name in the country Jitender Singh Shunty is being conferred with the Sorbon Honorary Doctorate as announced by the Sorbon France President Dr. Thomas Parade, at the Sixth Sorbon International Convocation scheduled in New Delhi today (25th July, 2021) adding another big feather in Shunty’s cap!

COVID Warriors Family At The Forefront

In the wide range of noble services being rendered by his NGO since 1996 in the NCR of Delhi, Shunty has been supported by his wife Manjit aka Mann Kaur Shunty, their young sons Jyo Jeet Singh Shunty, Manish Singh Shunty and a number of his committed volunteers standing by him through day and night for long, with the same dedication and sincerity.

In footsteps of father — Jyo Jeet & Manish -Shunty Brothers in Arms

Shunty’s NGO has also been making an equally spirited contribution in other challenging areas like supporting handling of disaster management situations, organizing series of blood donation, general health & family welfare camps, drives for awareness against HIV/AIDS and promotion of initiatives towards development and empowerment of women, for protection of forests and environment and helping the needy in a variety of issues affecting the youth and those related to violation of civic and human rights.

Team Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal Headed by J S Shunty

Shunty himself became the first Sikh in the world to have donated blood 100 times that earned him the title of Donor Singh by the Delhi State Blood Transfusion Council, won him the Centurion Award from the National Blood Transfusion Council of the Government of India placing him in the World Book of Records too besides the Red & White Bravery Award too.

The outbreak of the deadly pandemic — COVID 19 since the beginning of the last year has brought out an altogether new angelic avtaar of this “Noble Singh”, who immediately converted his Ambulance into a full time hearse vehicle and started ferrying and cremating a large number of persons succumbing to COVID, whose bodies could even not be touched closely by the kinsmen including children or parents of such diseased overcoming all fears of contracting the disease himself or for his family and dedicated volunteers. Fighting with No wonder an American organization has named him and his team — as “Angels For The Dead” in this once in a century kind of trying time for the planet. By the time of completing this write-up, Shunty and his team had already cremated close to 4500 persons claimed by the notorious virus.

Perhaps, the extent and kind of services rendered by Shunty, his family and his team is unlikely to find another match anywhere in the country and even on the planet. Though his inspiration could motivate a few others too to join in such causes and services so long as their own physical condition, age groups and health status do not restrain them from joining in and for such teams!

Author Tejinder Singh Bedi with J S Shunty at an Awareness Camp in Delhi

Personally for me it has been a great pleasure, privilege and honor to have been associated with Shunty as a close family friend for a few aligned social service-activities too, like honoring the Kargil martyrs, celebrating birth anniversaries of the Legendary martyr Shaheed Bhagat Singh or joining in the campaigns and camps organized by the Indian Cancer Society besides other health care and blood donation camps since 1999 and another shared common passion to promote art and culture in the society.

A Padma Awardee for 2021, perhaps it is the right time to confer the most coveted Bharat Ratna Award too on this angelic crusader & his team for his rarest of the rare kind of service to the society as one of the most courageous COVID warriors — so that the future generations stay motivated and inspired to render any level of services for society in future too sans any inhibitions and fears!

Team Shunty At Work — Chosen For Others By Itself & Never Looking Back

India of Today needs many great souls like him to keep the spirit of such rare selfless service alive!

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)