Azadiyan Kahan Woh Mere Apne Ghaunsle Ki…

Azadiyan Kahan Woh Mere Apne Ghaunsle Ki, Apni Khushi Se Ana, Apni Khushi Se Jana

Tejinder Singh Bedi

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Azadiyan Kahan Woh Mere Apne Ghaunsle Ki, Apni Khushi Se Ana, Apni Khushi Se Jana(Where is the freedom of my own nest?, When we could come and go at our own will, pleasures), Jab Se Chaman Chhuta Hai, Ye Haal Ho Gya Hai, (Ever since I have been separated from the garden, this has become my state of being), Dil Gham Ko Kha Raha Hai, Gham Dil Ko Kha Raha Hai (My heart is waxing my grief and my grief is waxing my heart), Gana Issay Samajh Ker Khush Hon Na Sunne Wale, (Oh my listeners, do not get jovial by perceiving it to be a song), Dukhe Huwe Dilon Ki Faryad Ye Sada Hai, (This call is the wailing of a wounded heart), Azad Mujh Ko Ker De, O Qaid Kerne Wale! (O you -the one who confined me, make me free), Main Bezuban Hun Qaidi, Tu Chhor Ker Dua Le, (I am a silent prisoner, Why don’t you earn my blessings by freeing me)…is a nazm my grandfather Bawa Shiv (Das) Singh Bedi used to sing often during early days of my childhood in stay under his umbrella at Hoshiarpur in Punjab.

The family had rehabilitated in Hoshiarpur after the unfortunate partition of Greater India uprooting lakhs on both the sides. Bawa ji had earlier also miraculously survived in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in 1919 and the versus had a deep lasting impact on his mind as in the large family he had courageously raised and nurtured after 1947.

A close friend of the late legendary Kundan Lal Saigal Sahab, my grandfather used to sing in exactly the same style as Saigal Sahib and used to revere him a lot too as a singer beyond a friend and a relation.

Perhaps, he used to relate the nazm to his family’s dislocation from his favoured abode in Gujranwala — Pakistan now. I have since been trying to locate this recording in Saigal Sahib’s original sonorous voice but have not been able to reach it despite having been in close contact with innumerable connoisseurs of Hindustani music since long.

Later once when I mentioned about this to the Ghazal icon Jagjit Singh, he did sing it on my request for me in the green room of the Essex Farms in South Delhi in 1985 adding that he was keen to record it too, in one of his upcoming albums as his tributes to the legendary singers of India though this too never seemed to have happened. Perhaps the political connotations possible to be attached to similar uproots of the Sikh community in 1984 persuaded him to pend it for address some time later though he went too early not having completed this.

The ongoing most unfortunate happenings in Afghanistan bring memories of this nazm to the fore once again. Back in India, our ancestors and some of us have repeatedly witnessed such mass scale devastations in 1919, 1947, 1984 and later Pakistan too has gone through it in 1971 with the formation of BanglaDesh. Let’s pray the mayhems stop here. The kids left back in Afghanistan, (anywhere else in such situations) stay safe and can be brought up and groomed well.

For the sake of Jesus, Allah, God, Waheguru the infants, the kids and the females be the the first to be spared of any atrocities! And others too! Let the world ensure a nest at least for all, at least this basic Azadi! Would love if any reader can dig out any recording of this nazm for me whenever possible between us or react to this write-up!



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Tejinder Singh Bedi

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)