COVID19 & Some Un-understood Issues

COVID19 & Some Un-understood Issues

Tejinder Singh Bedi

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#DrTedros4WHO - Together for a healthier world; sharing this write-up for views of WHO’s experts, please? Some of my educated colleagues have started blindly believing that “herd immunity” is the correct answer to eradication of COVID19.

I do not wish such logics be blindly propagated in communities and societies as these hamper and dampen preparedness for spikes, return waves and even fighting out the pandemic at its existing levels.

Herd Immunity implies 70 to 90 % of the population should have been infected before further spread can or will stop. Correct me, if I am wrong.

Does this mean that in a large country like, say, China with a population of 1.43 billion (143 Crores), if 1 billion to 1.29 billion (100 crores to 129 crores) were to get affected, its spread to affect the rest of 14 to 43 crore citizens would have stopped!! Sounds hilarious! Would China or any other nation for that matter have waited and allowed that to happen?

And, if any large nation thinks it could, or it can, what would have been or would be its impact on its healthcare infrastructure, medical experts including researchers engaged in working on the vaccine; quite far away still, even much earlier on??

If it be so, would any country’s representative legislature start working with 100 percent attendance of its legislatures so that 70 percent could get “herd- infected” and the rest just 30 % saved from possible fall outs of COVID 19, to set up an exemplary model for the common men on the streets in wait to fight out this menace, and at what price?!

Although, I am a layman, in my view social distancing measures, continuing efforts to identify, trace, isolate any new cases anywhere and in any age groups are the only prudent measures possible until a sustainable and affordable vaccine has been placed within the reach of the humanity without doctors’ prescriptions.

Won’t you We Want #DrTedros4WHODG agree with me? If you do so, don’t you think WHO, UN, UNICEF and all such global apex agencies need to work even more closely to remove any misgivings on fighting this menace out through non-stop sustained campaigns, education programs across the world. There is still time.

Hire people like me @tsinghbedi to do this irrespective of my or their age group by extending desired resourcing and support systems so that better awareness, preparedness of the citizens anywhere than blind beliefs can help save far greater number of lives! And the future economy too, without any doubts! Statisticians are doing a good job but they are neither going to save lives of their tribes nor of the others they count under various matrices! In fact, they may even not count for facts in history!

Debarring 65 plus out in public by most nations has been a good step. Next should be a forced online study for kids below 10 all over or suspension of one academic year as a zero year of education (I have already raised this point repeatedly since February 2020). And further on rationalization of blind beliefs in certain existing strategies, thought processes projected as building hope for humanity like flying aero-planes without parachutes and safety vests provided for each ticketed or taxed by any nation!

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Tejinder Singh Bedi

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)