Doctors Day — Some Medico friends share moments of celebrations of their day

Felix Docs D K & Rashmi Gupta honoured by IMA — Noida. Dr Aditi Sethi from Dr Bhutani Clinic joins hands with Felix for free camp

Felix duo with the IMA Noida- Trophy

Celebrating Doctors’ day in Noida, the city chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has honoured the doctor owner couple , Dr Rashmi & Dr D K Gupta in recognition of their dedicated services to society during the Corona phase — specifically for creating awareness among public at large for maintaining appropriate COVID protocols through persistent presence in various TV Shows, print vehicles and social platforms.

Felix Team with Bhutani Infra for the Free Vaccination Camp

The hospital in collaboration with Bhutani Infra also organized a free vaccination camp in Noida on this day. The camp was co-inaugurated jointly by Dr Aditi Sethi (Director — Dr Bhutani Clinic & Health Spokesperson) with the doctor duo couple of Rashmi & D K Gupta. All citizens of Noida who got vaccinated in this camp were also extended two free offers for a full body check-up including check-ups for Kidney, Liver, Heart, Diabetes & Blood. The team of doctors recalled how with the special efforts of the district officialdom of the administration, police and health departments had lead their efforts in containing an unabated surge of the second wave in the Gautam Budha Nagar district and pinning down its COVID impacted mortality rate too. Dr Gupta recalled how he had carried the combat beyond testing and contact tracing to distributing medical kits for home isolation, tele-consultation, a switch to 24x7 drive-through mode of inoculation including a number door step of vaccination drives in various corporate houses and residential clusters for an all round approach to contain the pandemic. He expressed serious concern on the possibility of outbreak of a third wave and emphasised upon the need for even faster vaccination of maximum population of the country to ensure quick development of the herd immunity and avert outbreak of further surges.

Dr Aditi Sethi thanked all the medicos who had worked to save many a lives during the tough phase of Corona’s outbreak even at the cost of acute risks to their own health and life and shared the views of Dr Gupta.

Dr’s day at Felix

All the doctors working at the Felix hospital were also honored for their dedicated services by Dr Rashmi & Dr D K Gupta as part of the day long celebrations.

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)