Felix Noida launches first Robot for COVID 19 Patients

Commissioning of the First Robot at Felix Hospital - Noida Today

Tejinder Singh Bedi

Felix Hospital, Noida sector 137, has launched the first-ever robot “covid fighter” in the field of medicine, to help covid-19 affected patients on 21 Mar 2020, in association with Addverb Technology today.

This robot’s design ensures a completely natural navigation like humans.

Considering the huge dearth of trained manpower in the field of medicine in the country, with the number of patients increasing day after day, the robot was currently the greatest need of the hour.

The initiative would also help in reducing the high risk of infections to the doctors, nurses and other medical staff who have to look after the COVID — 19 patients day in and day out.

With the introduction of the Robot, the chances of spreading the virus would also decrease while the nursing staff would be able to see many more patients.

The robots will be an extended hand for doctors and a boon for the overall medical fraternity.

As of now, the presently developed robot is capable of delivering medicines, food, other consumables to the patients, collecting the wastes generated besides any used material for disposal and act as a channel of communication between the patients & the healthcare workers.

In its new avtars, the added features would equip these as patrolling robots to scan Coronavirus Infected patients in crowded places besides supporting UV Sterilisation of the Corona Quarantine Healthcare Facilities.

Dr D K Gupta said, “It is an extremely proud moment for Felix, and by introducing these robots in the market, we are happy that we have been able to contribute to the society and most importantly to tackle the present situation better. We currently have 3 robots ready which we would like to offer to the government of Uttar Pradesh at zero cost. And we can further support the State Government with 20 more such robots if required.” Felix hospital he added has always worked for betterment of the society and will stay committed in this mission.




(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)

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Tejinder Singh Bedi

Tejinder Singh Bedi

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)

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