INDIA, Through A Biker’s Lens #SharatSharma

Tejinder Singh Bedi
3 min readFeb 20, 2023
A First Hand Account from a Writer, Editor, Biker, Explorer out without a Sharat (Condition)

INDIA Through A Biker’s Lens

Tejinder Singh Bedi

A wonderful travelogue penned by Sharat Sharma, a dear friend and former editor with the Times of India is out on sales at the The book unfolds some of the most engaging and exciting first hand experiences encountered through his solo, 30850 kilometers of a journey through the length and breadth of India and Bhutan on his bike in 234 days chronicled as a 374-page coffee table book titled — INDIA Through A Biker’s Lens. This hard bound book is a 80,000 plus words recount illustrated with the help of more than 1,450 pictures and captions. The book is based on Sharat’s personal daily diary and a bank of 30,000 plus pictures clicked by him during the long ride and brings out a first-of-its-kind pan-nation pictorial travelogue.

Foreword for this travelogue has been penned by veteran travel writers Hugh and Colleen Gantzer. Published by Notion Press (India, Singapore and Malaysia), it is priced Rs. 5,426 and is available both at as well as on and will also be available on Flipkart in India in a couple of days, informs the author. Its International edition will be in paperback due to logistics reasons and shall be available at as well as

Here is a link to reach the sales outlet for the great work —

Sharat had already crossed 60,

Author of the Book — Sharat Sharma

when even during the most daunting phase of the dreaded pandemic COVID too, pursuing his sheer passion he took off on his solo sojourn across the most distant connections of the country to spread his message of fitness and safe biking. And the travelogue is a brilliant reward for this indefatigable explorer all four decades of whose early active career including as a renowned journalist had been explorations with the might of his pen only for leading print vehicles of the country. Starting this super active fresh innings after retirement in 2018, Sharat has proved to his friends and fans that age after all is just a number and that the journey is always far more enticing than the destinations!

Some of his vivid accounts of interactions with people of diverse and different cultures in various States of India, stories of the huge amount of respect and love he garnered from the local populations he kept meeting with and mingling like their own family member in this long arduous 30000 plus kilometers of drive are indeed mind blowing reads transporting the reader as if travelling along with him all through. My desi Marco Polo! Long live the spirit of such never ageing mind sets and will power!



Tejinder Singh Bedi

(*Author Tejinder Singh Bedi is a former technocrat, a people management, CSR Adviser, free-lance writer and a passionate singer)